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The Eternal Destination of Unbaptized Prenatals

Prenatals who die in the womb can’t receive a baptism with water. So what is their eternal destination? They cannot be sent to Hell, for no one is punished eternally, unless they have committed a deliberate sin. Personal sins are … Continue reading

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The Beatification of an Unborn Child and Salvation for Unbaptized Infants

Here is the article: Beatification Date Announced for Married Couple with Seven Children Martyred by Nazis, Including One Unborn Child (NC Register) As I have opined in previous articles here and in my book Forgiveness and Salvation for Everyone, prenatals, … Continue reading

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The Certainty of Salvation for Prenatals who die before birth

The Certainty of Salvation for Prenatals who die before birth The claim is made that the Magisterium has not yet decided the question of salvation for prenatals who die in the womb. This article proposes that current and past magisterial … Continue reading

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Yes! There is Salvation for Unbaptized Infants

My theological position in brief: 1. The universal salvific will of God necessarily implies that God makes salvation concretely available to all, in a way which is accommodated to their spiritual and material situation, even for those persons brought up … Continue reading

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Salvation for ALL Unbaptized Children

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The following post is excerpted and adapted from my book: Forgiveness and Salvation for Everyone Now when, in Roman Catholic salvation theology, we refer to “unbaptized children” or “unbaptized infants”, we mean those who have not received baptism with water, … Continue reading

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Once for all, across Time and Place

When Jesus consecrated the Eucharist at the Last Supper, he consecrated all the Eucharists at all the Masses throughout the world until the end of time. All future consecrations are that consecration, just as all future sacrifices of the Mass … Continue reading

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An Overview of Heresy in the Church Today: Part Two Salvation Theology

Universalism On one extreme, we have Catholics who claim that we may “reasonably hope” that “perhaps” all human person will eventually go to Heaven. This claim directly contradicts the teaching of Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition that many souls go … Continue reading

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The Range of Opinions on How Many Are Saved

My understanding of Catholic teaching has led me to the conclusion that the majority of human persons go to Heaven, and only a small percentage of persons end up in Hell. See my book: Forgiveness and Salvation for Everyone or … Continue reading

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On Perfect Natural Happiness in the Limbo of Hell

When a human person dies, he or she is immediately judged by God. Everyone who dies unrepentant from one or more actual mortal sins is sent to Hell to be punished forever. Everyone who dies in a state of grace, … Continue reading

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Three types of Pseudo-Dogma plague the Church

The infallible teachings of the Roman Catholic Magisterium are termed “formal dogma”. These dogmas are inerrant. They contain important truths on matters of faith, morals, and salvation. They are required beliefs to which the faithful must give the full assent … Continue reading

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False Claims in Roman Catholic Salvation Theology

After lengthy study of the Bible, Catholic moral theology, and Catholic salvation theology, I have reach an understanding of the path of salvation that is thoroughly grounded on magisterial teaching. Unfortunately, many Catholics who write about salvation theology have not … Continue reading

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The Hope of Salvation for Infants Who Die Without Being Baptized

The document of the (Roman Catholic) International Theological Commission of the same name is here. This post argues that the ITC document fails to take sufficient account of past magisterial teachings and fails to propose a bold and compassionate theological … Continue reading

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