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The Fourth Proposition of Bishop Gasser’s Relatio

At the First Vatican Council, just before the Council fathers were to vote on the document Pastor Aeternus, the delegation sent from Blessed Pope Pius IX, gave an explanation and defense of the teaching in that document. The Bishop presenting … Continue reading

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Bishop Gasser’s Relatio, the Dogma of Vatican I, and our Compassionate Lord

Bishop Vincent Gasser gave a Relatio to the fathers of Vatican I, just prior to their vote on Pastor Aeternus. Gasser was part of the delegation sent from the Roman Pontiff, Blessed Pope Pius IX, to speak to the Council … Continue reading

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Bishop Vincent Gasser to the fathers of Vatican I on papal faith

Bishop Vincent Gasser: “Now before I end this general relatio, I should respond to the most grave objection which has been made from this podium, viz. that we wish to make the extreme opinion of a certain school of theology … Continue reading

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Dear 1Peter5, Your Claims about Gasser and Pighius are False

Over at the blog (1P5), this article caught my attention: Papal Infallibility After One Hundred and Fifty Years. It was written by “Pauper Peregrinus”, the pseudonym of a Catholic priest and theologian. The purpose of this post is to … Continue reading

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Contra Regis Martin on Papal Infallibility

Regis Martin, professor of theology at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, wrote an article titled, “The Infrequency of Infallibility“, published at Crisis Magazine (April 26, 2022). In this post, I will argue that professor Martin’s positions on Papal Infallibility, on … Continue reading

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OnePeterFive is not rebuilding Christendom or Catholicism

At, editor in chief Timothy Flanders continues to speak about “our editorial stance … to unite the clans to rebuild Christendom.” The original article on this editorial stance is here and the current article being discussed, The Post-Liberal Conversation … Continue reading

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Pope Francis, Saint Bellarmine, and the Two Privileges of Peter

Ah, how the opponents of Pope Francis love Bellarmine! They like his hypothetical consideration of what would happen if a Pope were a manifest heretic. But Bellarmine did not believe any Pope had ever or could ever teach or commit … Continue reading

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91 Reasons to Support Every Pope and Council

The Apostolic See is free from every grave error The following teachings from Saints, Popes, and Councils PROVE the DOGMAS of the never-failing faith of Peter and his successors; the impossibility of papal heresy, apostasy, or idolatry; and the freedom … Continue reading

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The Pope Can Never Teach or Commit Heresy

The teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God and Savior, have been authoritatively interpreted by the Magisterium of the Church founded by our Lord on Peter as on a Rock, to mean that Peter and his successors, that … Continue reading

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Will the Church “die out for a period” until people improve?

Here is the claim made at the notorious website OnePeterFive, also found on the article author’s own blog: “So, I do not know where to go from here because as I said this crisis is a crisis for me because … Continue reading

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Could Vatican II have Erred on Faith or Morals?

There are two possible faithful positions on the question as to whether Vatican II could have erred on faith or morals: 1. No errors are possible in any teaching on faith or morals of an Ecumenical Council, so Vatican II … Continue reading

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A Refutation of Siscoe and Salza’s Article on Deposing the Pope

The article is here: The True Meaning of Bellarmine‚Äôs Ipso Facto Loss of Office Theory for a Heretical Pope. I will briefly refute the article below. 1. The article is based on Bellarmine’s opinion on what would happen if a … Continue reading

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