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Catholic Media Outlets Blindly Fall Into Line on Matthew Hood’s Ordination

The Catholic blogoverse is all a twitter on the case of Father Matthew Hood, of the archdiocese of Detroit, Michigan. He has a video of his baptism, and it clearly shows the deacon who baptized Hood using the invalid formula … Continue reading

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Fr. Matthew Hood does not need to be Re-Ordained

Here’s the news story: Detroit man thought he was a priest. He wasn’t even a baptized Catholic. Fr. Hood was invalidly baptized. He was later confirmed, ordained as a deacon, and consecrated as a priest. His Archdiocese of Detroit, and … Continue reading

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Invalid Baptisms and Apostolic Succession

A baptism using the formula “We baptize…” is invalid because the community does not baptize. The individual who baptizes stands in the place of Christ to baptize the person. [John 4] {4:1} And so, when Jesus realized that the Pharisees … Continue reading

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For 13 years, Deacon Springer Baptized Invalidly

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Here we go again. After Fr. Matthew Hood, another priest was discovered to have been invalidly baptized using the “We” formula. But deacon Springer baptized invalidly for 13 years. That’s a lot of invalid baptisms. In a new commentary on … Continue reading

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Is Pope Francis the Valid Roman Pontiff?

Pope Francis, at Assisi, will teach that non-Catholic Christians, non-Christian believers, and non-believers can be in a state of grace and can go to Heaven without converting to Catholicism, to Christianity or even to belief in God. This teaching is … Continue reading

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My Letter and Dubia to the CDF on invalid Baptism and the validity of Orders

Cardinal Luis Francisco Ladaria Ferrer, S.J. Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith Piazza del S. Uffizio, 11 00193 ROMA Your Eminence, I write regarding the issue of any otherwise validly-ordained Catholic priest, whose baptism is discovered to have been … Continue reading

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Why Pope Francis praised Sister Jeannine Gramick

Sister Jeannine Gramick has a long history of opposing Church teaching on homosexuality, women’s ordination, and abortion. A 1994 commission of the Holy See reported some positive aspects in their apostolate, but noted “serious deficiencies” that were “incompatible with the … Continue reading

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Are The Saved Many or Few? Book Excerpt

From my book: Forgiveness and Salvation for Everyone What does Jesus say about how many souls go to Hell? [Matthew] {7:13} Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate, and broad is the way, which leads to perdition, … Continue reading

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Was Jesus Really Sexually Abused? No.

Be advised that content in this post is on a mature topic, contains some sexually explicit language, and may offend or upset some persons. The post covers the topic of sexual abuse and contains some explicit descriptions of sexual torture … Continue reading

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My Critique of Fr. James Altman

NOTE: Comments are now closed on this post. There’s just too much malice and too little regard for the teaching of Jesus coming from Altman’s supporters. I happened upon the video in this manner. First, I saw a news story, … Continue reading

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Can we judge people’s intentions? (and more on the Pachamama)

We have to keep in mind that we are limited creatures and, as such, our knowledge is also limited. We are not God.  We are not all-knowing.  Therefore, we can only judge things to the extent that we can see … Continue reading

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A False Prophesy Falsely Attributed to Saint Francis

I’ve studied true and false private revelations for many years. I’ve researched and written many articles exposing false visionaries and their false messages. I’ve also studied the doctrines of the Church on faith, morals, and salvation for very many years. … Continue reading

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