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Phil Lawler defends Convicted Child Molester George Pell

Phil Lawler: The preposterous case against Cardinal Pell (Feb 27, 2019) Mr. Lawler is a schismatic who has rejected the authority of Pope Francis, calling him a “Lost Shepherd” who is “misleading his flock”. He has also rejected the authority … Continue reading

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Phil Lawler is a Schismatic who should be Denied Communion

Phil Lawler, blogger at and author of books on Catholicism, has committed formal public schism. Therefore, he is automatically excommunicated and should be denied Communion. Canon 751: “schism is the refusal of submission to the Supreme Pontiff or of … Continue reading

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Phil Lawler versus Pope Francis

In a recent blog post, Phil Lawler proclaims the papacy of Pope Francis to be “disastrous,” suggests that the Vicar of Christ poses a “danger to the integrity of the Catholic faith,” and claims that Pope Francis has shown “disdain … Continue reading

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Phil Lawler’s schismatic proclamation against Pope Francis

In his post, This Disastrous Papacy, Phil Lawler utterly condemns Pope Francis, as if he were one of the worst Popes in history. And his papacy has not even ended yet. Not only is Lawler not qualified to judge any … Continue reading

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Mirus and Lawler versus Pope Francis

Conservative Catholics continue to rush headlong toward the cliff of schism. Pride goeth before a fall. Dr. Jeff Mirus has a recent post: On criticizing bishops—or even the Pope. It starts out quite well. “It is a spiritual and moral … Continue reading

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Phil Lawler’s error on torture and intrinsic evil

Over at, Phil Lawler has several posts condemning torture as intrinsically evil. Yes, under Roman Catholic teaching, torture is intrinsically evil. We can debate which acts fall under the proper moral definition of torture, but if an act is … Continue reading

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Bishop Vincent Gasser to the fathers of Vatican I on papal faith

Bishop Vincent Gasser: “Now before I end this general relatio, I should respond to the most grave objection which has been made from this podium, viz. that we wish to make the extreme opinion of a certain school of theology … Continue reading

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List of anti-Francis documents

I’m trying to make a list of anti-Francis documents (like the filial correction) and books. If you would like to help, just add one, two, or three entries for the list in a comment. I don’t want any one person … Continue reading

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The Rewards of Rebellion against Pope Francis

I don’t recall the name of the man. He was a bishop. He had a role of teaching and authority. He had a title and money, influence and the respect and admiration of others. Actually, he was an Anglican Bishop, … Continue reading

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Dr. Robert Fastiggi on Marital Sexual Ethics

Dr. Fastiggi posted a comment on this blog after a post about a debate I had on Twitter on marital sexual ethics. The information he presented is noteworthy, so I’ve decided to write this brief article offering the whole text … Continue reading

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Which Words or Deeds constitute Formal Schism?

Many conservative Catholics are in a state of formal schism. They continue to go to Mass and receive Communion. They continue to think themselves to be Catholics. But they are, as a matter of fact and law, schismatics who are … Continue reading

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On Heresy, Bribery, and Conservative Arrogance

Fr. Jerry Pokorsky writes for — an organization led by manifest schismatic Phil Lawler — a suggestion that conservative parishioners use donations as a way to pressure Bishops to comply with the conservative understanding of orthodoxy: Appealing to the … Continue reading

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