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Please Ignore Janet Smith on the Topic of Child Abuse

Janet E. Smith, Ph.D., has a painful-to-read article on the state of the Church: God Chose You to Live at This Moment in Church History. I had to check the calendar after reading it, to see if it might be … Continue reading

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A Contrary Opinion on the Work of Janet Smith

The National Catholic Register has an article titled: Janet Smith, Fearless Defender of ‘Humanae Vitae’. Defender? Nothing could be further from the truth. Smith has gutted the teaching of the Church against contraception, turning Humanae Vitae into a hollow shell … Continue reading

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Janet Smith’s new translation of Humanae Vitae

Janet Smith has decided that Humanae Vitae contains a translation error, which, when corrected by her, results in a stunning change in Church doctrine, suddenly limiting the condemnation of contraception to the marital state. This claim is contradicted by many … Continue reading

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Janet Smith’s clever exceptions to intrinsically evil acts

In her latest article on contraception, Pope Francis and contraception: A response to Christopher Kaczor, Catholic theologian Janet E. Smith continues to spread false doctrine among the faithful on contraception. In my previous post (Janet Smith’s grave errors on Contraception … Continue reading

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Reply to Janet Smith on Contraception Outside of Marriage

Janet Smith and others claim that Humanae Vitae has a translation error. That claim is thoroughly refuted in my article here: The Latin Text of Humanae Vitae. Smith and others also claim that the Magisterium has only condemned contraception within … Continue reading

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Janet Smith’s grave errors on Contraception and Sterilization

In a new article, Did Paul VI approve of Congo nuns using the Pill? Does it matter if he didn’t?, Catholic theologian Janet E. Smith continues to assert certain grave errors on contraception and abortion. See my previous post: Janet … Continue reading

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Janet E. Smith: A List of Errors

1. She claims that contraception is only condemned by the Church within a valid marriage. “Women who voluntarily engage in marital intercourse and who do something to make that act infertile are contracepting. They are violating God’s plan for marital … Continue reading

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Janet E. Smith’s hypocrisy on Humanae Vitae

Her article at is here: McCarrick, dissent from ‘Humanae vitae’, and the ‘sensus fidelium’. It contains two stunning hypocrisies. Hypocrisy 1 Janet E. Smith repeatedly decries the “dissent from Humanae vitae” that is causing harm to the Church in … Continue reading

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Janet E. Smith’s grave errors on Abortifacient Contraception

In a recent article, Catholic theologian Janet E. Smith correctly asserts: “The Church has never taught that if the harms are serious enough, it is permissible to use contraception.” True. The Magisterium teaches that grave harm in the circumstances can … Continue reading

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Smith on Abortifacient Contraception

The book “Self-Gift” is theologian Janet E. Smith’s love letter to abortifacient contraception. The book discusses “infertility-causing hormones” and “contracepting hormones” never mentioning that chemical contraceptives are abortifacients. Smith utterly fails to take the deaths of innocent prenatals into account … Continue reading

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Fr. John Zuhlsdorf approves the use of Fake Vaccine Cards

ASK FATHER: Is it sinful to make or use fake papers, vaccine passports, or false documents? Posted on 15 September 2021 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf The question is posed to Fr. Z.: “Is it sinful to make or use fake … Continue reading

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Every Covid-19 Vaccine Is Moral To Receive

Certain Catholics have rejected the teaching authority of Pope Francis, and then of the body of Bishops who support him, and also of Vatican II, and of other Popes and other Councils. Nothing is left of the Magisterium for them … Continue reading

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