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Reliable Teaching on Contraception outside Marriage

Judie Brown at EWTN — She points out that the use of any form of contraception is immoral, and, when contraception is used in sex outside of marriage, there are two wrongs: contraception and extra-marital sex. Fr. Richard Hogan at … Continue reading


E. Christian Brugger on Contraception Outside of Marriage

E. Christian Brugger is a professor of ethics at St. John Vianney Theological Seminary. In a brief artcie at, he answers the question as to whether the Church’s teaching on the immorality of contraception is limited to the marital … Continue reading

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Heresy and Contraception Outside of Marriage

Christopher O. Tollefsen: “contraceptive acts are intrinsically wrong, and not merely always wrong within the marital context.” Tollefsen: “even commentators such as John T. Noonan, who believe the Church teaching to be changeable, accept that the Church has throughout its … Continue reading


Is the Magisterium able to teach on the morality of contraception outside of marriage?

Now here’s a strange claim making the rounds on the internet. The idea is that the Church is unable to tell us if using contraception in sexual acts outside of marriage is moral or immoral. Why? They claim that to … Continue reading


Reply to Janet Smith on Contraception Outside of Marriage

Janet Smith and others claim that Humanae Vitae has a translation error. That claim is thoroughly refuted in my article here: The Latin Text of Humanae Vitae. Smith and others also claim that the Magisterium has only condemned contraception within … Continue reading


Contraception and Heresy part 5: more on contraception outside of marriage

Introduction There are a number of different methods that are used today to reject the teaching of the Magisterium on any matter of faith, morals, or salvation. One approach is to treat all questions as if they were open to … Continue reading


Contraception and Heresy part 2: contraception outside of marriage

Next we arrive at a relatively new heresy on the topic of contraception, one that is surprising in the depth of its disingenuous and foolish interpretation of magisterial documents. Apart from, and often in addition to, the above-described heresies on … Continue reading


Is Contraception immoral outside of Marriage?

Catholic Moral Teaching The ordinary and universal Magisterium infallibly teaches that contraception is intrinsically evil and always gravely immoral. The ordinary and universal Magisterium also infallibly teaches that all intrinsically evil acts are immoral solely due to the moral object … Continue reading

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Another point about contraception outside of marriage

A poster over at Catholic Answers made an excellent point, based on 1 Cor 6:16, that the unitive meaning may still be present, even if the marital or procreative meanings are absent, as in the case of a man who … Continue reading


More on contraception outside of marriage

Pope Benedict XVI’s comment about condoms is in itself not very interesting. He merely notes that the intention to avoid disease transmission — out of concern for other persons — is a good intention. But of course one good font, … Continue reading


contraception outside of marriage

Over at, I’ve now posted my second article in a series on contraception: Contraception and Heresy — Part 2 the use of contraception outside of marriage In that article, I refute the claim made by Jimmy Akin and a … Continue reading


What Does Jimmy Akin teach on Contraception?

Initially, Akin taught the correction position on contraception, that its use is intrinsically evil and always gravely immoral, even outside marriage. In 2004, Akin simply taught that contraception is a grave sin: “The sinfulness of contraception has been infallibly proposed … Continue reading

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Smith on Abortifacient Contraception

The book “Self-Gift” is theologian Janet E. Smith’s love letter to abortifacient contraception. The book discusses “infertility-causing hormones” and “contracepting hormones” never mentioning that chemical contraceptives are abortifacients. Smith utterly fails to take the deaths of innocent prenatals into account … Continue reading


Two Versions of Church Teaching on Contraception

Version A: Contraception is intrinsically evil and gravely immoral, regardless of marital state. It is any act which deprives sexual intercourse of its procreative finality (i.e. its openness to life), regardless of whether the persons engaging in sex are married … Continue reading

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Church Teaching on Unnatural Acts in Marriage

The Church condemns the use of contraception, even in marriage, because contraception deprives sexual acts of their procreative finality. The Church condemns homosexual acts mainly because these acts “close the sexual act to the gift of life”. But unnatural sexual … Continue reading

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Three Proposed Dubia on Contraception

DUBIA D. 1. Whether the teaching of the Magisterium condemning contraception as intrinsically evil is to be understood as applying only to its use in marital intercourse. D. 2. Whether the teaching of the Magisterium condemning contraception as intrinsically evil … Continue reading

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Is Contraception Only Immoral in Marriage? Where’s your proof?

The conservative Catholic subculture is teaching a radical and heretical revision of Humanae Vitae, while at the same time crying out, with indignation and anger, at liberal Catholics who do the same. In truth, contraception is immoral regardless of marital … Continue reading


Catholic Moral Theology: the Marriage Debt

The marriage debt is the mutual obligation that the spouses have, within a valid marriage (natural or supernatural) to have marital relations. The term is based on an Epistle of St. Paul in the New Testament: [1 Corinthians 7] {7:1} … Continue reading

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Dr. Ed Peters’ heretical position on Contraception

There is more than one way to assert a heresy. The simplest way is to directly contradict an infallible magisterial teaching. But another way is to substantially distort an infallible magisterial teaching. That latter form of heresy is what I’m … Continue reading

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Contraception and Marriage: if it were true

A loose-knit group of Catholic commentators has decided to proclaim a radical revision to the teaching of the Magisterium on contraception: the claim that contraception is only intrinsically evil when used by a married couple. What happens when contraception is … Continue reading