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Bellarmine, Taylor Marshall, and Ryan Grant on Papal Faith

First, a review of what Bellarmine says. In the book On the Roman Pontiff, book 2, chapter 30, Saint Robert Bellarmine considers a proposition called “the tenth argument”. “The tenth argument. A Pope can be judged and deposed by the … Continue reading

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What Bellarmine Really Said on Heretical Popes

In a recent article, Bishop Schneider makes a false claim about Bellarmine: St. Robert Bellarmine’s opinion is that “a pope who is a manifest heretic, ceases in himself to be Pope and head, just as he ceases in himself to … Continue reading

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Bellarmine on Papal Error

Ryan Grant has translated and published a booklet excerpted from Saint Robert Bellarmine’s larger work on the papacy. The title of this brief book is: “Papal Error?: A Defense of Popes said to have Erred in Faith” The book offers … Continue reading

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What Saint Bellarmine really said about Popes and Heresy

In the book The Ecumenical Council and the Infallibility of the Roman Pontiff, Cardinal Henry Edward Manning (1808–1892) explains the position of Doctor of the Church, Saint Robert Bellarmine on Popes and heresy. Bellarmine discusses four possible positions on the … Continue reading

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Q&A on Papal Heresy

Are there any questions from my readers on papal heresy or specifically on the implications of the Vatican One Teaching that each Pope has the charism of truth and of never failing faith, which implies that no Pope can teach … Continue reading

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How To Fix The Francis Church

This article is written from the perverse point of view of the papal accusers. Their view is that Popes can teach grave error, can teach heresy, encourage apostasy and idolatry, can lose the faith entirely. Their view is that the … Continue reading

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Did Pope Honorius Teach or Commit Heresy?

A Defense of Honorius (in a series of articles) The most common argument of the papal accusers is that Pope Honorius I was certainly guilty of heresy, having been condemned for heresy by the Sixth Ecumenical Council (Constantinople III), and … Continue reading

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Pope Francis replies to Vigano and Schneider on Vatican II

Let’s begin with what Pope Francis stated. It was in a speech on January 30th, 2021, “Address By Holy Father Francisco To The Participants In The Meeting Organized By The National Office Of Catechesis Of The Italian Episcopal Conference”. And … Continue reading

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What Should We Call The Heresy of the Papal Accusers?

Do not be deceived. We are in another time, like so many times in Church history, of heresy and schism. The current heresy bears some resemblance to past heresies, but it is also clearly a new heresy. And this particular … Continue reading

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On The St. Francis Prophecy of an Heretical Pope

There is a prophecy attributed to St. Francis, which some commentators are applying to Pope Francis. Over at Where Peter Is, Emmett O’Regan argues that the prophecy is false. Fine, maybe it is. But after many years of study and … Continue reading

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A Disordered Disarray of Papal Accusations at OnePeterFive

and the chief papal accuser at 1P5 — apart from the schismatic Bishops who use that web portal as their bullhorn — is Peter Kwasniewski. In his recent post at OnePeterFive, Peter Kwasniewski made a remarkable claim: “Of several popes … Continue reading

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Reply to Athanasius Schneider on the Covid-19 Vaccines

First, read this excellent article by Fr. Matthew Schneider: 12 Things Less Remote Cooperation in Evil Than COVID Vaccines – December 18, 2020 BY Fr. Matthew P. Schneider, LC Now the teaching of the Church on cooperation with evil is … Continue reading

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