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Contra Roberto de Mattei on Ultramontanism

Here is the link to his article at Rorate Caeli. The article is titled: “Papolatry and Ultramontanism are not the same: Why I am proud to be an ultramontane — by Roberto de Mattei”. I’ve mentioned the errors of de … Continue reading

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Grave Errors by Timothy Flanders and OnePeterFive

Timothy Flanders, editor of OnePeterFive, has a new article on Eastern Orthodoxy and “Roman Primacy”. The article is filled with hypocrisy, in that Flanders himself has openly rejected submission to Pope Francis, in repeated public blatant sins of schism, and, … Continue reading

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More Replies to Objections to Traditionis Custodes

1. “Francis says that priests who have been celebrating the Tridentine rite ‘should’ seek the permission of their bishops to continue. Does ‘should’ mean ‘must’?” asked Father Peter Stravinskas at Catholic World Report. Reply: If the Bishop gives blanket permission, … Continue reading

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Carlo Vigano Is His Own Double

Roberto De Mattei published a stunning claim about archbishop Carlo M. Vigano: De Mattei: “The question we pose is therefore this: analysis of the language and content of the documents produced by Archbishop Viganò during the years 2020-2021 reveals an … Continue reading

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The Worsening of the Schism: Pope Saint Pius V

In an article on Crisis magazine, titled A Model Pope, Roberto de Mattei shows us how bad the schism has become. He discusses the next Roman Pontiff. The Cardinals who elect the next Roman Pontiff need a model Pope to … Continue reading

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