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Jeff Mirus versus the evidence on Clergy Abuse

Dr. Mirus asks: Are those who experience same-sex attraction prone to abuse? And then he proclaims that he will ignore the evidence from experts in child sexual abuse and empirical studies: “I am sure there are statistics available somewhere on … Continue reading

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Jeff Mirus: Prayer in times of papal infidelity

Here is the post by Mirus, called Prayer in times of papal infidelity. By this prayer, Jeff Mirus is publicly accusing Pope Francis of infidelity against the Catholic Faith, which accusation is an act of formal schism. For no one … Continue reading

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When is Adultery only a Venial Sin? Ask Jeff Mirus

In a new post here, Jeff Mirus now claims that the sin of having sexual relations within a second non-marital union (a type of adultery) can be only a venial sin, if one partner is “under duress”. The duress is … Continue reading

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The False Teachings of Jeff Mirus on Church Authority

In a recent post, Islam: When the Church can speak authoritatively, and when she cannot, Dr. Jeff Mirus utters a series of false statements on Church authority. 1. Jeff Mirus: “The Church’s Magisterium applies exclusively to matters which God has … Continue reading

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Jeff Mirus’ Grave Doctrinal Errors on Infallibility

Dr. Jeff Mirus has a Ph.D. in Intellectual History from Princeton University (1973). Although his degree studies focused on the history of the Church, he does not have a degree in theology. Even so, like any other layperson in the … Continue reading

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contra Jeff Mirus on Contraception

Introduction There are a number of different methods that are used today to reject the teaching of the Magisterium on any matter of faith, morals, or salvation. One approach is to treat all questions as if they were open to … Continue reading

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Mirus and Lawler versus Pope Francis

Conservative Catholics continue to rush headlong toward the cliff of schism. Pride goeth before a fall. Dr. Jeff Mirus has a recent post: On criticizing bishops—or even the Pope. It starts out quite well. “It is a spiritual and moral … Continue reading

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The Errors of Canon 28 at the Council of Chalcedon

Canon 28 was rejected by the Roman legates and later by the Roman Pontiff, so it is not formally “of a Council”. This article examines the errors of the Canon and why the Pope was right to reject it. “Following … Continue reading

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Every Covid-19 Vaccine Is Moral To Receive

Certain Catholics have rejected the teaching authority of Pope Francis, and then of the body of Bishops who support him, and also of Vatican II, and of other Popes and other Councils. Nothing is left of the Magisterium for them … Continue reading

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My Commentary on the Declaration of Truths (part 2)

[Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3] The Law of God 12. A justified person has the sufficient strength with God’s grace to carry out the objective demands of the Divine law, since all of the commandments of God … Continue reading

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Reviews of Infiltration by Taylor Marshall

* Infiltration, innuendo, and the longing for certainty by Jennifer Roback Morse Morse: “Marshal cites a 19th-century document showing that the Freemasons wanted to subvert the Church. But showing they wanted to infiltrate the Church does not prove that they … Continue reading

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Unfaithful Conservatives have turned Humanae Vitae into a Fabergé egg

Conservatives complain when the Pope criticizes them. They say, “Why is he criticizing those who are most faithful?” There is an assumption common among conservatives that the majority opinion in the conservative Catholic subculture is essentially inerrant. But, in fact, … Continue reading

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