Is Taylor Marshall a Freemason? Is he an Antipope?

Both. He is essentially both.


There are two ways to be an antipope. One way is to proclaim yourself to be Roman Pontiff when you are not. Taylor Marshall has not proclaimed himself to be Pope. (At least, not publicly.) However, many of his followers treat him as if he were literally the Pope. They will believe whatever he teaches, even if it is contrary to their own understanding. They adhere to his teachings as if these were of the Magisterium, as if these teachings were infallible. They believe there is no possibility that Pope Taylor Marshall can err gravely, nor teach or commit heresy. Such confidence in a person should only be given to the Roman Pontiff, to the body of Bishops led by the Pope, and to Christ, who is God. So his followers treat him as if he were Pope, and they have a thousand times more faith in his teachings than in the teachings of Pope Francis or of any Pope since Pius XII.

The other way to be an antipope is to behave like an antipope, without claiming to be Pope. If you act like an antipope, in every way, but do not use the term to describe yourself, you are still an antipope. If you rob a bank, with the claim that you are not really robbing the bank (“I’m just making a large withdrawal…at a bank where I don’t have an account.”), you are nevertheless a bank robber. Your acts determine what you are, not the terminology you use to describe yourself. Very few heretics or schismatics will admit that is what they are.

Taylor Marshall is an antipope in the second sense, by his behavior.

“The Doctor Taylor Marshall Show” is aptly named. The show does not revolve around the Catholic Faith. Rather, it revolves around the insights and errors of Taylor Marshall. His every opinion is treated as dogma. Any teaching of any Council or Pope contrary to his own understanding is treated as a grave error. Taylor Marshall is an antipope. He has drawn to himself a group of former Catholics, who now reject Pope Francis, and he has taught them that the Church led by the successive Popes, since Pius XII has been infiltrated by evil persons, especially freemasons, and its teaching contains many grave errors.

He teaches his followers to trust his own teachings, and to distrust the recent Popes, Vatican II, and almost all Bishops. He teaches his followers to treat him as if he were Pope, to follow him as if he were the successor of Peter, and to believe his every teaching as if from authority. The Catholic faith is nothing but what Taylor Marshall defines it to be. He is the worst examples of these internet demigods, who amass a following and then lead them on a spiritual wild goose chase, running in every direction, chasing after every shiny thought that their leader has, and showing no regard whatsoever for the Catholic Magisterium.

His book “Infiltration” teaches Catholics to distrust the Roman Pontiffs, the Ecumenical Councils, and the body of Bishops. The Church, supposedly, has been infiltrated by evil, and so it is not to be trusted, and its teachings are to be rejected when contrary to the mind of Taylor Marshall. That is the standard the book uses to judge and condemn all the Popes since Pope Pius XII, whatever is contrary to the understanding of Taylor Marshall is said to be evil.

The ridiculousness of that book’s conspiracy theory is shown by its claim that Pope Pius XII was led astray. He fell under the influence of an evil character. It’s so horrible. This was the beginning of the entire Church being led astray from the true faith! Pius XII was led astray into evil by the terrible shadowy Cardinal Montini!! Oh, no! Evil Cardinal Montini!!! — who is described like a character in a Dan Brown novel. Wait a minute. Cardinal Montini? That’s just Pope Saint Paul VI!! This is how ridiculous the claims of Taylor Marshall are, that he says that the “Infiltration” of the Church began with a Saint leading a Pope astray. Insert laughing smiley face here. ROTFL. The rest of the book is just as absurd. The Church has been led astray from the disordered opinions and shallow understanding of Catholicism held by Taylor Marshall, and so the Church is now not to be trusted. Who can the faithful trust? Only Taylor Marshall and those with the same opinions as him. Antipope Taylor Marshall, who seeks to have the teachings of the Magisterium cast aside and replaced with his own understanding. Antipope Taylor Marshall, who was an Anglican heretic and schismatic, converted to Catholicism, and then about 13 years later left the Catholic faith by rejecting the Roman Pontiffs and Vatican II.

In order to be an effective antipope, the authority of the true Popes must be taken away by the antipope. Taylor Marshall teaches the faithful not to trust Pope Francis nor any of the Popes since Pope Pius XII was supposedly led astray by a Saint. The book “Infiltration” serves the purpose of destroying the authority of the Church to teach the faithful, so that the faithful will be left like sheep without a shepherd — until the wolf in sheep’s clothing, Taylor Marshall, steps in to lead them. Those who wish to be followed as if they were Pope must first attack the true Popes, and convince people not to trust them. That way, when the Pope teaches one thing, and Taylor Marshall teaches another, his followers will follow him instead of the Church.

Not a single follower of Taylor Marshall will reject his opinion and accept the teaching of a Pope, when the two disagree. The same for Ecumenical Councils. If Taylor Marshall teaches one thing, and any Pope or Council teaches something else, they follow him. That is what makes him an antipope.

As for me, my readers often disagree with me. And I teach them that every Roman Pontiff has the charism of truth and never failing faith, so that no Pope can teach heresy, nor commit heresy, nor can any grave error be found in any teaching of the papal Magisterium. Non-infallible teachings of the Pope can err, but never to a grave extent. So my readers will follow the Pope instead of me. That is what I teach them to do.

What does Antipope Taylor Marshall teach his readers? He tells them not to trust the Popes, the bishops, and the Ecumenical Councils as the Church has been infiltrated by evil. And every time the true Pope, Francis, issues a document, there is Antipope Taylor Marshall, teaching his followers what to believe instead. Like any antipope, he opposes the true Pope at every turn.

Does Taylor Marshall believe that Pope Francis is a valid Roman Pontiff and successor of Peter? Of course not. He accuses the Pope of teaching and committing heresy. And all the fathers and doctors of the Church taught that an heretical Pope ceases to be Pope. Marshall discussed this point in a long video with Ryan Grant. They know that a Pope who teaches heresy ceases to be Pope. They just don’t want their readers to know that they believe Pope Francis is not valid. Then they will be seen for what they really are: sedevacantists (i.e. persons who believe that the See of Peter is vacant). The book “Infiltration” clearly treats every Pope since Vatican II as teachers of heresy, which implies that they were not valid Popes. So Taylor Marshall is a sedevacantist — the See of Peter is vacant, and is held (supposedly) by teachers of heresy, so people should listen to Marshall instead of any Pope, as if he were Pope.


There are two ways in which one might be a freemason: literally and figuratively. Taylor Marshall is not a member of a masonic lodge. He is not a literal card-carrying freemason. But there have been messages from the Blessed Virgin Mary, in the past, talking about freemasons and the harm they do to the Church. Yet literal freemasons have not had any substantial power, with which to challenge the Church and cause Her harm, not since the 18th or 19th centuries. What Mary is warning us about is figurative freemasons.

The Church is analogous to, well, to a church building. The Teachings of the Church are the stones of that church building. The Disciplines of the Church are also stones of that church building. Those who wish to chip away at, re-shape, and even replace those stones, so as to remake the Church according to their own understanding, they are the figurative freemasons of today.

The literal freemasons of past centuries had much power in politics and society, and they sought to remove the Church from the power that She had in politics and society, so as to increase their own power. Similarly, the figurative freemasons of today seek to cause the faithful to distrust the Church, the Popes and Bishops, and the Councils of the Church, so as to increase the power that these figurative freemasons have over their followers. They don’t want their followers believing whatever a Pope or Council teaches, as that gives them less power. Just like literal freemasons, they don’t like the true teachings of the Church. They don’t want to be followers of Christ, but leaders without any leader above them. So the figurative freemasons attack the teachings of the Church at every turn, and Her disciplines, so that they will have the power of the Church. In this way, the literal and figurative freemasons are the same, they want the faithful to reject the Church, to distrust the Church and Her Popes and Bishops, so that they themselves will have more power.

Taylor Marshall is a freemason. He is a figurative freemason. He has viciously attacked all the Roman Pontiffs since Pope Pius XII. He has utterly rejected Vatican II. He has accused Pope Francis of being “a pope for Satan on the Roman Chair of Saint Peter.” [Infiltration, chapter 1]. Freemason Taylor Marshall does not want any of his followers trusting Pope Francis. Nor does he want any of his followers trusting Pope Saint John Paul II or Pope Saint John XXIII or Pope Saint Paul VI. And his book accomplishes that goal, of causing the Catholic faithful to entirely distrust all the Popes since Vatican II and that Council. He wants the faithful of the Church to believe that any Pope, even Saint Peter, could turn at any time and begin teaching heresy. And that is the work of the figurative freemasons. They seek to cause the faithful to join them in their figurative masonic lodges — each lodge led by a local freemason leader like Taylor Marshall — and reject the Church utterly. And all this occurs, cleverly, under the guise of the true Catholic faith.

That is the disguise that figurative freemasons wear. They claim to be presenting only the true Faith, according to “Tradition”. But it is the tradition of the freemasons, not Catholic Tradition.

Saint Robert Bellarmine taught that no Pope would ever be permitted by God to teach or commit heresy. The First Vatican Council dogmatized that understanding of Bellarmine: “This charism of truth and of never failing faith, divinely conferred on Peter and his successors in this Chair….” The teaching of Vatican I is that every valid Pope has the divine gift of truth and faith; the gift of truth prevents the Pope from teaching any grave error or heresy, and the gift of never failing faith prevents the Pope from ever committing heresy or any other grave failing of faith. No Pope can teach or commit heresy. No Pope can be guilty of apostasy, heresy, or schism, idolatry, sacrilege, or blasphemy. That is the dogma of Vatican I. That is the interpretation of an Ecumenical Council of Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture on the Roman Pontiff.

But the freemasons are teaching a version of “Tradition” which is of freemasonry, specifically, that the faithful should distrust the Roman Pontiffs as they could at any time teach or commit heresy. Who then can we trust? The freemasons would have you trust only your local leader of your figurative masonic lodge: Taylor Marshall.

This is the situation today in the Church. Very many papal accusers, those who accuse Pope Francis of teaching heresy or grave error, have each gathered to themselves a group of Catholics (who all reject the Pope and so are heretics and schismatics themselves). They teach lead a figurative masonic lodge, usually online. Each blogger, video blogger, speaker or author gathers a group of followers, analogous to a local masonic lodge. And they all publicly oppose the Church and Her Roman Pontiffs. They all behave like freemasons fighting the true Church so that their understanding of Faith and Reason will prevail over the teachings of the Church.

The use of freemasonry as an analogy, as a figure, is apt. The comparison works on many different points. Taylor Marshall is not the grand leader of all freemasons, as he imagines himself to be. He is just a local leader of a local masonic lodge, teaching his little group of followers to distrust the Pope and reject the teachings of the Church and to follow only his teachings and those of other masonic lodge leaders, like Schneider and Vigano. They each have their group of followers. They each oppose the Roman Pontiff and the Magisterium of the Church. They are all part of one loose knit group with the same purpose, to replace the Magisterium of the Church with their own understanding. These are the figurative freemasons of today.

They do not teach the Catholic Faith. Taylor Marshall rejects all the Popes since Vatican II and that Ecumenical Council. Never in the history of the Church has any person or group who rejects an Ecumenical Council been right. It doesn’t matter that Vatican II chose not to issue dogmatic Canons with attached anathemas. The ordinary and universal Magisterium has continued to teach the teachings of Vatican II, making those teachings infallible. Anyone who rejects Vatican II or any Pope from then up to and including Pope Francis is a heretic and a schismatic. The Catholic Faith is the Faith taught by Vatican I and II, and by all the Popes, including Pope Saint John Paul II and Pope Francis.

Know this: any teacher who rejects Pope Francis or Vatican II or the recent Popes or their teachings is not a faithful Catholic. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have online. If you reject the current successor of Peter YOU ARE NOT CATHOLIC.

Taylor Marshall is not a Catholic Christian. He does not follow the teachings of the Catholic Church. He rejects the teachings of Vatican I and Vatican II and all the teachings of the recent Popes contrary to his own understanding.

The lambs of Christ follow the true Shepherds chosen by Christ, the Roman Pontiffs. Faith is believing in the teachings of the Church when contrary to one’s own understanding. If you, as a Catholic. only believe what seems right to you, you have zero faith. None. You lack the theological virtue of faith.

It is possible for an atheist to have faith implicitly, to love others selflessly, and to therefore have the state of grace and the three theological virtues: love, faith, and hope. Yet at the same time, while atheists, Muslims, Jews, and other non-Christian believers are entering the kingdom of heaven, Catholics who have rejected their own Catholic leader are sinning gravely, putting themselves in danger of losing their salvation entirely.

{21:31} Which of the two did the will of the father?” They said to him, “The first.” Jesus said to them: “Amen I say to you, that tax collectors and prostitutes shall precede you, into the kingdom of God.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.

P.S. The papal accusers publicly accuse the Roman Pontiff of heresy. At the same time, they cannot stand to be criticized themselves. Hypocrites.

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1 Response to Is Taylor Marshall a Freemason? Is he an Antipope?

  1. Teresa B. says:

    Thank you for this statement. I have seen too many misled by his heretical cult of personality. As someone with a particular devotion to the intercession of Pope Saint Paul VI, whose example and writings led me back to the Church after many years away, I have longed for someone to speak the truth to the hubris and errors of this false teacher. God bless you for your candor. Papa Montini and Mater Dolorosa, pray for us.

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