Four Questions on the Amazon Synod

When Pope Francis writes his final exhortation on the Amazon Synod, what will he decide?

1. Will the Church ordain married men generally?

2. Will the Catholic Church ordain women deacons?

3. Will the Church openly permit gay men to be ordained?

4. Will 1 to 3 lead to gay women deacons and gay married priests?

Why is no one talking about #4!

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7 Responses to Four Questions on the Amazon Synod

  1. Michael says:

    Despite what conservatives have said about Pope Francis, I think he’s been fairly clear on his view of active homosexuality and gay priests. I don’t see #3 or #4 happening during his pontificate. Could it happen in the future? Perhaps…as these things seem to progress inch by inch. My gut feeling is that nothing major will happen as a result of this synod.

  2. Rob says:

    Honestly I’m just thankful that the Pope didn’t use that statue in the closing Mass. The Blessed Virgin was a much better choice.

  3. sc says:

    I second Mike’s comment. Woe to the many if the moral establishment caves in to the ill founded agenda of the few

  4. Paul M says:

    Ron, regarding #4 – do you mean:
    a) A priest who is married to a woman but identifies as gay?
    b) A priest who openly identifies as gay and is civilly married to another man?
    c) A priest who openly identifies as gay and is sacramentally married to another man?

    I could imagine a) being possible. I think b) would probably be too scandalous, but who knows anymore. I would have serious problems with my faith if c) ever eventuated (I don’t see how it is possible).

    • Ron Conte says:

      I’m not approving of #4, just warning of a possible abuse of married priests. We know that some priests are gay, and some are even in relationships with another man. I just wonder if some gay priests will take the permission to ordain married men and twist it into an implied approval for a gay priest married to a man (which of course would never be approved by the Church or any Pope).

  5. Alex says:

    Most priest choose not to marry exactly because they don’t like women. To state otherwise is to keep eyes closed for reality and hide behind empty phrases. The sooner the Church acknowledges the real reasons She introduced the celibate priesthood in first place and kept it for so long, the better for all.

  6. Alex says:

    I don’t know how far the Church will go in all that, but the trend is clear, no one is above anyone else, including the minorities, including the gay people, including those who do not believe the way we do. Time of inquisition has long passed, to judge to fire someone on earth taking the place of God who alone can judge. I hope pope Francis’ apology to the gay people after the Synod of families (that didn’t take more decision thanks to the fierce opposition of mainly African bishops), won’t die out there but will take concrete measures now.

    Here is the latest from pope Francis said on Oct 7th, the deniers of Amazon synod are close to racists.

    “There are circles and sectors that present themselves as ilustrados [enlightened] — they sequester the proclamation of the gospel through a distorted reasoning that divides the world between ‘civilization’ and ‘barbarism.’ The idea that the Lord has among his favorites many dark-complexioned people irritates them, it puts them in a bad mood. They consider a large part of the human family as a lower-class entity, incapable, according to their standards, of achieving decent levels in spiritual and intellectual life. On this basis, contempt can develop for people considered to be second-rate. all this also emerged during the Synod of Bishops for the Amazon.”

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