Michael Voris’ Hypocrisy on Cardinal Pell

The following are all quotes from Michael Voris:

“If there is a blessing coming from all of the scandals in the Church, it’s that the wolves are being exposed for the hypocrites that they are.” [1]

“What do most Catholics and most atheists have in common? Hypocrisy!” [2]

Michael Voris’ Statement on Pope Francis:

“The homosexual clerical sex abuse scandal and resulting cover-up is not theological at its foundation, but moral. And in this arena, the laity are absolutely duty-bound to speak up….”

“You have treated too many of the faithful with coldness and callousness, abusing the power of your office in regard to their sufferings over this horrendous unconscionable evil which you have facilitated. On multiple occasions, you have violated your own standard of zero tolerance when it comes to cover-up bishops.”

“You should have, more than a week ago, stripped him of his red hat, yet he still holds the office of cardinal with your blessing — a man who covered up a homosexual priest gay pornography ring while he was bishop of Pittsburgh, and who Viganò says is lying.”

“You have protected abusers of power, of office, and worst of all, young adults and even children. You have covered up for them.” [3]

Michael Voris on Bishops who refuse to speak out against Bishops who abuse or who cover up abuse:

“As is becoming more and more clear, many members of the hierarchy have a heavily vested interest in not having things cleaned up….

“Other bishops who are not predators or cover-up artists are, nonetheless, complicit in all this in not outing their brother bishops for their crimes and sins.

“The complicit gang, as opposed to the criminal and cover up gang, are, in the end, just as guilty because they continue to support the environment in which the criminal bishops can do their deeds — abuse or cover up.” [4]

Michael Voris speaking to Bishop Gruss:

“How dare you attack a man like Brady whose only goal is to accomplish what you bishops will not do — which is to purge from your ranks the wolves in shepherd’s clothing. You hypocrites. In your lust for power, you circle the wagons and come rushing to the defense of your fellow bishops when they are rightly called out by the faithful for their lack of faith.

“Hypocrite! Where is your letter being read at Masses calling for the excommunication of Catholic politicians? Where is your letter denouncing Dolan in New York for his pathetic excuse making?

“Hypocrite! Where is your letter being read at the Masses denouncing your brother bishop in Joliet, Illinois who said the week before that he doesn’t know if Christ actually intended to establish a Church?

“Hypocrite! Where is your letter in support of the truth laid out by Archbishop Viganò giving testimony to the entire homosexual current in the Church and the hierarchy?

“Hypocrite! Where is your letter denouncing Detroit Archbishop Allen Vigneron for permitting a Catholic funeral for Congressman John Dingell, one of the most bloodthirsty killers of pre-born life in the nation?

“Hypocrite! Where is your addendum to that letter to Vigneron for allowing Joe Biden to receive Holy Communion at that same funeral Mass?

“Faithful Catholics are done with your hypocrisy and your cover-up and your malice and your greed and your sexual dysfunction and financial ripoffs and the whole lot of it.” [5]

And now my words to Michael Voris:

You are “abusing the power of your office” and have “violated your own standard of zero tolerance” when it comes to cover-ups of child abuse.

“You should have, more than a week ago,” called for Cardinal Pell to be stripped of his office, “yet he still holds the office of cardinal with your blessing” — a man who sexually abused children for several decades while helping to cover up the similar crimes by priests in his diocese via the Melbourne Response.

“You have protected” an abuser of power, of office, and “worst of all”, of young children. “You have covered up for” him.

You are “complicit” in his crimes by covering up for him and by refusing to speak out against him.

You “have a heavily vested interest in not having things cleaned up” in the case of Cardinal Pell, because you know that conservatives have taken his side. You wouldn’t want to lose supporters and money by speaking out against a popular conservative Cardinal, just because he did a little thing like abuse countless children for several decades, would you?

Hypocrite! Where is your “letter” denouncing Cardinal Pell for decades of child sexual abuse, as attested by the many victims who have come forward to the public or the authorities?

Allegations Against Cardinal Pell

“In your lust for power” among conservative Catholics, “you circle the wagons and come rushing to the defense of your fellow” conservative AFTER he was found guilty of child molestation. He’s a convicted child abuser and a registered sex offender, sitting in prison because of his crimes. And you cover-up for him, make excuses for him, cast doubt on his guilt.

You have the gall to accuse the Roman Pontiff of being in a state of sin due to his handling of the abuse crisis. He called an abuse summit. He removed McCarrick from the College of Cardinals. He put McCarrick on trial and ACCEPTED the verdict of the Church court, laicizing the man. What have you done? Defend a Cardinal who has many credible accusations showing a pattern of child sexual abuse over his entire career as a cleric.

Where is your “Vortex where lies and falsehoods are trapped and exposed”?

Welcome to the Vortex where the silence is deafening.

— Ronald L. Conte Jr.

[1] Hypocrites and Heretics
[2] Supreme Hypocrisy
[3] Church Militant Statement on the Pope
[4] Black Lives Matter
[5] “Evil” Church Militant (should the “Evil” really be in quotes?)

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