Benefits for Supporters

SubscribeStar was off-line for a while. They were deplatformed for hosting conservative content. They are now back and able to process payments.

In an exclusive benefit for my SubscribeStar supporters, new supporters there, at any price level, will receive a free Kindle copy of my translation of the Bible, the Catholic Public Domain Version, as well as the benefits of whatever tier they have chosen.

At all the Creator Support Sites the benefits are about the same:
* SubscribeStar
* Patreon
* BitBacker
* Tipeee

Support Tiers:
$4/month — Receive a once monthly newsletter with Catholic news commentary, theology articles, reader Q&A, and more. (Twice monthly, if it becomes popular)

$8/month — can receive answers to theological questions from me by e-mail at any time, and also receive the newsletter (above). May suggest topics for posts and receive more lengthy answers to questions they pose in comments on my blogs (The Reproach of Christ and

$20/month — Benefits of lower tiers, plus receive a free copy of each of my new books, as they are published, for as long as you are a Benefactor, in Kindle format. Current free book is: The Indefectibility of the Pope.

New supporters will receive whatever the most recent Newsletter may be.

Anyone currently a supporter at any level can submit reader Q&A questions, to be answered at length in the Newsletter. Answers will be longer there, than at my Q&A posts. Also supporters receive longer responses when posting questions on my blog.

My next book is due out in early February: Summary of Future Events.


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