Topic for my Patreon page?

Few persons were interested in eschatology as a topic for my Patreon page. I’m taking suggestions for alternate topics and for the pricing.

I could set up the site to teach ethics to my Patreon supporters. This would be like an online course on Catholic ethics, from the basics to more advanced questions.

Pope Francis
The site could address the controversies around Pope Francis. However, supporters would not be permitted to attack the Pope or to argue that he teaches heresy or sins gravely against the faith.

Who goes to heaven and who goes to Hell?

Other Topics?
Make your suggestions in the comment box below.

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3 Responses to Topic for my Patreon page?

  1. Sunimal Fernando says:

    I am not a valuable person to advise you on Religion Vs $ . However, I think, it is not better to sell Christianity for money. I have seen owner of “ ” , has asked to donate who see it and who have money. That is fine. When we go to church for a mass, if priest ask to pay 5 or 10 $ per mass , is it ok ? So I think , your back-pain and your $ demand has a relation. Try to change and purify. Thanks for your efforts. I also ,have faults and try to avoid it. Pray for me also.

  2. sc says:

    sounds interesting to have that topic ‘bundled up’; great to have someone willing to take the bullet :-)

  3. Dora says:

    I would like to try the $10,005 plan ;-)

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